Sophie is a bubbly young nursing student who has a slightly weird obsession with birds.

Basic StatsEdit

Full Name: Susanna Sophia Boiselle 
Aliases and Nicknames: Sophie (preferred)
Gender: Female 
Ethnicity: French, mostly 
Blood Type: A+
Age: 24 
Birthdate: 15 December [Sagittarius]
Birthplace: San Diego, California 
Hometown: San Diego, California 
Languages: English, French (not 100% fluent, but passable) 
Occupation: Student; attending nursing school.  


HEIGHT: 5'6" / 169cm
WEIGHT: 125lb / 58kg

Body: Naturally fairly slender, but exercies regularly anyway to keep the pooch away. Surprisingly curved hips and thighs despite her slim frame, accentuated by a small waist. Shapely legs - one of her best features. C/D bust. 

Hair: A bit thick with a natural wave; warm, dark brown in color. Reaches a little past her shoulder blades. Never has dead ends because her stylist is amazing and she visits her regularly. 

Eyes: Green; they look more hazel or light brown in dim lighting, but they're actually a pretty vibrant green. Her most complimented feature. 

Skin: Soft and well cared for. Has several noticeable beauty marks, but they're spread out for the most part. Medium skin tone with a healthy glow in the summer. 

Voice: Friendly and warm. Not too high, but still very feminine. Southern Californian accent. 

Clothing: Feminine, stylish dresser; wears lots of warm and light colors and has a cute blouse for every occasion. A bit of a shoe addict; has lots of heels but definitely a sucker for cute sandals or wedges. 

Additional: Ear lobes pierced once; usually wears sparkly studs or some kind of short dangly earrings. Fond of jewelry but likes to keep it simple and pretty, nothing too gaudy. Similar makeup style for the most part, doesn't overdo it. Also has her navel pierced (she's amused when people are surprised by this). 



Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, people watching, bird watching, reading, fashion, swimming, gardening 
Other Likes: Shoes (lots of shoes), shopping/lunch outings with gilfriends, antique and novelty shops, dancing, movie nights, romcoms (especially older ones; guilty pleasure) and romance novels, going for walks, tea, scented candles, spa days  
Dislikes: Rude people, unnecessary meanness, stinginess, catty women, being still for too long/too much quiet, being ignored, bigotry, beer 
Fears: Cancer/fatal illness, planes/flying, centipedes
Disgusts: Smokers/cigarettes, rats, dingy bars, drunk men trying to hit on her 
Sexual: Reasonably hetero. Everyone's dallied a little, right? 
Color: Cream, peach, pink, pale yellow, orange 
Food and Drink: Hot tea, frappuccinos, fruit smoothies, cherries, strawberries, peaches, most fruits, salad, veggie pizza, fresh cookies, pancakes, brick toast, macarons 
Animal: Hummingbird 
Music: Indie, pop, some rock/alternative and hip hop. Likes anything she can dance or sing along to (or that keeps her pumped while running). Also has a small collection of classical music on her iPod for when she's studying. 
Season: Summer 
Fragrance: Peach scents, floral scents (honeysuckle, gardenia) 
Cigarette: Absolutely does not smoke 
Clothing: Obsessively matching, always cute. 
Underwear: See above. 
Place: The beach, hiking trails, book stores, outdoor malls, salons 
Book: Mystery novels, romance novels... maybe (definitely) some steamy erotica hiding somewhere. 
Movie: Romcoms, romance, thrillers, dramas, period pieces, weird documentaries 
Subject: Biology, English/Literature 
Sport: Tennis, volleyball (AKA lesbianism) 


Handedness: Left 
MBTI Personality: ENFJ  
Political Views: Fairly liberal, but avoids political discussions 
Religious Views: Not religious; agnostic, maybe 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 


Strengths: Optimistic, charismatic, empathetic, warm, helpful, genuine, organized, energetic, hard-working, good advice-giver 

Weaknesses: Naive at times, idealistic, doesn't always think things through, avoids conflict, stubborn, workaholic, overestimates her limits, impulsive, can be overly generous/give too much of herself 

Motivation: Firm believer in having a good time and not sweating the small stuff. Just wants life to be pretty and fun, really, and will make every effort to make it so. 




  • Numerous gal pals from school. Definitely has no shortage of people to call if she's lonely or bored. 
  • Serafina Rinaldi: Sophie's hair stylist. She gets waxed at her salon, too, so she's there every few weeks or so and has gotten quite friendly with Belladonna's flamboyant owner.


  • Silas Harlow: Kid brother. Well, not a kid anymore, but babies him like he is. They're sharing an apartment while they both attend school to minimize rent costs (and because neither of them want to live with their dad).


  • Many plants, no animals. Would love to get a bird someday, though. 


  • Lives with her brother in a modest two-bedroom apartment. It's very obviously her apartment, though, judging by how bright and adorable the decorations are. Silas just kind of lives there. 

Additional Info and TriviaEdit

  • Single now, and has recently become more picky about who she gets serious with thanks to a particularly bad breakup. She'll easily form a crush on some cute, interesting guy and just as easily find something about him that puts her off (or reminds her of her dad... ew). She goes on casual dates often and has the occasional fling as it suits her needs, but otherwise is happy being single. 

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